Laptops, Desktop Computers, Servers, components, toner cartridges and more!

Small Consumer Electronics, AC adapters, ink cartridges, cables, expansion cards, docking stations, and more!

Audio and Video Equipment, Network Devices, Printers, Copiers, Plotters, Test Equipment, Scanners, Stereo Components, Projectors, and more!

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eAsset Solutions is committed to managing used and end-of-life electronic equipment based on a reuse, refurbishment, recovery, disposal hierarchy.

When you reuse instead of recycle, you save the energy that would be needed to re-manufacture products. This also reduces pollution and waste, as the need for raw materials is reduced.

Reuse has several advantages over recycling:

saves or delays purchasing and disposal costs
conserves resources
reduces the waste stream
causes less pollution than recycling or making new products from raw materials
more affordable and readily available items
eAsset Solutions is R2v3 and RIOS Certified, outlining and documenting all test, repair, verification, and training activities in its R2 Reuse Plan.